In this article i will show you the 5 best movie streaming websites in the world, and link directly to them. If will shortly explain why they are unique and you will deside which one you prefer.

1 - MyMoviePass

My moviepass is my absolut favorit movie-streaming website. They have thousands of different movies, and best of all.. Their user-interface doesn't look like shit! This is a 5/5 streaming website in my opinion, and i can really recommend it. It only cost 4$ a month, which is much cheaper than actually renting the movies.
You can register here: MyMoviePass

2 - iMoviesClub: 

This website is also a great streamingsite. However, this one has a very ugly interface, but they still provide good HD movies, and just like the first streamingwebsite, does this one also include unlimited movie downloads. The reason i want to mention this specific one, is because they are very cheap. You can subscribe to their streamsite for only 1,4$ a month!!
You can register here: iMoviesClub

This is a bit of a split between the other two streamsites. This one is a bit cheaper. It costs 3,20$ pr month. However, the interface is not as pretty as the interface at "MyMoviePass". Beside the price and the interface, the things is pretty much the same. Unlimited downloads etc.
You can register here, for only 3,20$ / Month: MoviesCapital

4 - MoviesDirect:

This is a very cool website, with a nice interface too. One of the cool things with this website, is the fact that it supports HD-movie stream on iPad / iPod / iPhone / Android, and any other smartphone/tablet. This website also has a very nice 24/7 Support in case you are not familiar with streaming websites.
You can register here: MoviesDirect

5 - The Movie Hall

This website allows 1-time pay, and full lifetime subscribtion. This is very nice for those of you who really has a passion for movies. This only costs you 29$. However, the interface is not that good, and they don't have the biggest collection of movies yet, but keep in mind that this website might improve during the next couple years.
You can register here: The Movie Hall